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about-imgStrategies For Common Core grew from one simple yet perplexing question:

“What is the best way to help our students master the Common Core Standards?”

Gene Wilhoit, one of the leading pioneers of Common Core, stated in Education Week that Common Core test results in Kentucky, where students scoring proficient dropped by 33%, a predictor of what we’ll see across the country. Education Week also reported that “educators searching for Common Core resources are often finding the process frustrating and fruitless. Their current materials fall short, and there is a lack of good new materials to fill the void.”

Basically, educators across the country are not finding resources that “fill the void.”

As our team waded through available tools, we shared this frustration. How can we be sure that any of these resources will really help teachers in helping students master the standards?

As we looked at this issue, our team developed 5 key criteria to choose effective tools for Common Core. (http://strategies4commoncore.com/features.aspx)

Meet the Leadership Team

Donna Walker-Tileston

Dr. Donna Walker-Tileston has served education as a leader in teaching, administration, research, writing, software development, and national consulting for the past thirty years. Her administrative responsibilities have included curriculum development, management, technology, finance, grants management, public relations, and drug abuse prevention programs. For the past fifteen years Dr. Tileston has been actively involved in brain research and the factors that inhibit learning or increase the brain’s ability to put information into long-term memory.

Dr. Tileston’s research has been published through Corwin Press under the titles: Strategies for Teaching Differently (1998) and Ten Best Teaching Practices: How Brain Research, Learning Styles and Standards Define Teaching Competencies (2000, 2005) which has been on Corwin’s Best Seller List since its first year of print. This research, along with comprehensive research on teaching and learning, brain research, and research on the urban learner, led Dr. Tileston to write a bestselling series titled What Every Teacher Should Know (2003, 2008). The series has been awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing by the American Educational Publishers Association.

To date Dr. Tileston has made over 500 presentations on her research and materials at state, national and international conferences.

Kay Karr

Kay Karr has an extensive background in the field of education and leadership. She has served the public as a classroom teacher at all levels, principal at all levels, and superintendent of schools for 17 years, serving in several diverse Texas school districts.

Her long involvement in technology integration in the schools led to her being appointed in 1995, by then governor, George W. Bush, to serve for 8 years on the Texas Telecommunication Infrastructure Fund (TIF) Board. The TIF Board was the state board responsible for the distribution of $1.5 billion to schools, public universities, public libraries, and not-for-profit health facilities. The focus of the TIF Board’s capital infusion was to deploy a statewide telecommunications infrastructure to connect all of the above referenced entities and to design, develop, and support the training and professional development of the employees and stakeholders making up the eligible entities.

During a long and active career as an education leader, Kay Karr, served on numerous boards – state, national, and international – providing numerous presentations and testimonies at each level. After retiring, or more accurately “redirecting”, from the superintendency, she worked with Voyager Expanded Learning, where she was involved with designing, developing and coordinating the distribution of professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators across the nation. She left Voyager to co-found a professional development company, Quality Learning, and then expanded this vision into what is today Responsive Learning.

Responsive Learning’s primary mission focuses on education – teaching and learning. Responsive Learning was created for schools by educators. The Responsive Learning team represents the architects who design and build the systems to connect the experts, the resources, and the training needed in today’s 21st century schools. Among Responsive Learning’s projects are several statewide projects for their home state of Texas. They have partnered with the Texas Education Agency and the Regional Education Center 13 to provide the statewide infrastructure for the state’s teacher appraisal system, PDAS (Professional Development Appraisal System). They have also joined with other statewide providers to help develop and distribute professional learning initiatives for the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented, the Texas Council of Administrators of Special Education, and Lead4ward, the foremost provider of the current Texas academic standards and assessment and accountability system.

Kay and Responsive Learning are pleased to partner with Dr. Donna Walker Tileston and her team to translate her vision and expertise about standards-driven education and “what every teacher should know” to bring you this new product, Strategies for Common Core.

Greg Steele

Greg Steele has been in Software Development for over 18 years. Greg has served as a software development team leader for Sprint in Dallas, Vice President of a multimillion dollar IT department at Security Capital Group Inc, and president of Steele Consulting Software Development for the past 10 years. He regularly manages complex IT projects and serves as the primary IT consultant for national and international companies like GE, InterPark (over 300 locations including most major airports and most downtown Chicago and New York locations), Peter Piper Pizza and Burger King, Deseret Forwarding (one of the largest military forwarders in the world), Verde Realty (industrial and commercial), Storage USA (over 600 locations), Central Systems (United Van Lines), St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Responsive Learning, and many others.

On the lighter side, Greg plays guitar, and enjoys carpentry. He lives with his wife and 4 children in an international Christian community in Chaparral, NM, where they also volunteer. The community offers free counseling and temporary lodging to those who are in need.