Create A Custom Curriculum Aligned To Common Core

The Curriculum Builder is ideal for districts building their own curriculum using grade level or subject area teams.

Districts can build multiple lessons for the same standard to give teachers more flexibility.

Identify the standards that you want to focus on, then just drag and drop them into each unit and lesson.

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Easy Collaboration for Your Teams and PLC’s

Is your district building it’s curriculum and using SFCC to create units and lessons based Common Core Standards? The Curriculum Builder let’s you to leverage your team’s experience so you can customize your curriculum with these strategies.

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Management Tool Tracks Progress For You

A project tool that makes it easy to manage the development of your district’s K-12 curriculum. Assign teams to different grade levels and subject areas, monitor their progress, and generate reports for school boards and parent groups.

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Your Curriculum Can Evolve With You

Common Core Assessments are in a state of flux and continuously evolving. As your district evolves as it grows in the understanding and application of Common Core. The Curriculum Builder lets your district review and refine your curriculum.

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