Strategies That Are Proven To Work

Why Can We Claim Our Strategies Are Proven?

“My team of educators and researchers combed through thousands of studies to identify the teaching strategies that have the highest effect size.

We then used these strategies to help turn around several failing schools. In all cases, these strategies, along with some targeted professional development, dramatically improved student achievement scores.

After proving up these strategies, we created a tool that allows classroom teachers to easily access these teaching strategies from any computer or mobile device.” – Donna Walker-Tileston, Ph.D. – President

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The Greatest Impact On Student Learning

Teachers will know that the strategy they are using is one that will make the greatest difference in student learning. We show the effect size of each strategy and the studies used to identify its effect size. This is the only tool that provides this data, making it easier to use federal funding.

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Easily Implement District Wide

Teachers can access the strategies online at any time, when they need it. District-wide implementation lets you have one seamless interface for benchmarks and strategies as a student moves from one grade to the next.

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Teach To The Level Of Rigor In The Standards

Each strategy includes instructions, graphic organizers and other instructional materials. The tool identifies areas where students are most likely to have trouble. Each strategy is at the application level or higher in the New Taxonomy of Learning.

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On-Demand Professional Development

Each strategy has 2-3 minute videos specific to each standard. Your teachers can have over 8 hours of learn-as-you-go professional development. This has allowed some districts to purchase the strategies with professional development funds

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Assessment & Intervention

Using both the Assessment Rubrics and the Intervention materials, teachers can identify the exact point in which there is a gap in learning and access intervention strategies for filling those gaps. Intervention strategies use the Response To Intervention model.

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